Why a High Quality Horse Shelter is so Important

The importance of a horse shelter to the upkeep and welfare of your horses cannot be overemphasised, as the unpredictable weather can change its pattern unexpectedly, and it is pertinent that you think ahead to provide succour for horses. If you own a horse or horses at home, there are virtually two kinds of shelter available; indoors or outdoors or a fusion of both shelters. Horse shelters become ideal when you have a sick horse around, and at this time it needs all the care it can get from you and the vet for it to make it through.

The horse is created in a way to have a physiological adaptation to every environment it finds itself, and it varies as the season changes which explains why it is rare to find a sick horse. But for an efficient ranch management system, it is ideal to set up a horse shelter in which the barns are clean, relatively free of disturbing insects so as to curb diseases and health-related complications. Some horse owners like to leave their horses in the open while most prefer to build run inns, but each pattern of horse shelter has its merits and demerits. So whenever you decide to employ any, you should be aware of its efficacy in the management of your ranch in general.

According to a Swedish University of Agricultural Science study in 2012, it was discovered that about 80 percent of the horses that were surveyed preferred the artificially provided horse shelter over the open grazing field. This was attributed to some reasons; one being that it depends on the weather conditions of the day, also during a windy ambiance, horses are not often seen in the horse shelter.

The same survey also discovered that there was a significant drop in insect behaviour when the horses where in the shelter. Which invariably entails that your horses will be much more relaxed, balanced, and able to compete and ride with less ease. Deducing from a research embarked by Camie Heleski (Ph.D.) an equine science professor at the University of Michigan, she proclaimed that ponies use their run in shed for shade and shelter more in the hot. High insect months of the summer rather than the cold winter thus this behaviour can be attributed to the thick hair coating and the abundance of hair which provides insulation and prevents the skin from being drenched.

There are some factors to consider when erecting a horse shelter, but most horse owners confuse a shelter for a horse and that which is perfect for them. It is owned by your horses and not you so when constructing a horse shelter, a few factors that affect the routine of the horse is pertinent.

If you are constructing a barn, then you will have to be wary of unprotected light bulbs which can ignite a fire if care is not taking. Also, location, climate conditions, water, ventilation, and proximity to storage facilities have to be taken cognisance of to have a perfect shelter management for your horses. If you are interested in getting closer to nature on your back doorstep by building a verandah, get in contact with these verandah builders in Melbourne. Alternatively get a deck built for your property by these deck builders also based in Melbourne, start here for more info.

Ideal horse shelter management systems

An ideal best practice of shelter management contributes tremendously to the health of your horses - Build a horse shelter or barn for your favourite equine by going to this website. A poorly designed barn can impair the respiratory systems of the horses which invariably affects its health; an ideal barn must have spacious stalls to allow the relative horses movement. For a miniature horse a 6x6 stall is recommended while for ponies weighing between 900 pounds to 1100 pounds 12x12 is ideal, ponies under 900 pounds 10x10 is the specified standard.

Indoor horse shelters are perfect for everyday used horses that are mainly used during the cold winter. In this kind of management system, stalls are heavily present, and power is required for the daily removal of manures. Indoor management is highly expensive but provides a better shelter to understand when horses are changing in behaviour, and helps you to realise early enough when your horse is falling sick. The outdoor shelter is preferred by most horse owners because it is low in budget and less expensive to remove manures. It also provides the horses an ample space so that the fight for dominance which characterises the housing system is less.

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